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Here are a list of subscriptions I personally use and am happy to recommend as they help me produce my content on YouTube and the website.

I hope they help you as much as they helped me. If you have any question, just fire away 😊

--- CK

Buy me a coffee

Thank you very much and I would be forever grateful if you'd like to support my channel and work. 

If you've bought me coffee, do reach out - let's hang out or have a game of badminton?

If you're a creator: click here!

Epidemic Sound Subscription

What you hear from my YouTube videos are from Epidemic Sounds. They are royalty-free music and sound effects which means fuss-free video production and their library is amazing!


If you're planning to start a YouTube channel, this one is a must! It provides you with a lot of data to help you plan and research your content. Drop me a message if you want more information.

I use for customised stationery for my brand. From stickers to letterheads to business cards, can help you with customised stationery of your own at almost any volume you need. Get 25% off with my code in the link! Link Subscription

This thing is GENIUS 🤣  If the links I provide helped you guys and you purchase something from it, I make a super tiny amount of commission. It helps me with the costs of running the channel. Geniuslink helps me loads by pointing you guys to the correct store wherever you are so you don't pay unnecessary shipping. 


I use Grammarly everyday whenever I type anything. Both online and offline, from work to scripts to messages and replies to comments on YouTube, basically everything. Try it, its free! Just install the extension and register a free account today!

Pact Coffee

I love coffee! And I have a fair bit of it!

I've been a subscriber to Pact Coffee since 2019 and I love the quality of the coffee beans I receive and the simplicity of their subscription. You can choose any frequency and any beans you like and it shows up at your doorstep, as simple as that.

Click on my link above to get a discount on your subscription today! (UK Only)

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