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Men's and Women's Singles Pro Badminton Players Badminton Racket, Strings & Tensions

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

As you may know from my previous posts, I interviewed all the top professional badminton players at the 2022 Yonex All England about their badminton rackets, strings, badminton string tensions and even their racket weights. In this post, I will be focussing on the men's and women's singles players.





Tai Tzu Ying

Victor Thruster-F C


29 lbs

Srikanth Kidambi

LiNing Tectonic 9 (4U)

LiNing No. 1

30 - 31 lbs

Nozomi Okuhara

Mizuno Altius 01 Feel


26 x 28 lbs

Anthony Sinisuka Ginting

LiNing Aeronaut 9000

LiNing No. 1

31 lbs

Pusarla V. Sindhu

LiNing Axforce 80

LiNing No. 1

31 lbs

Chou Tien Chen

29 x 31.5 lbs

Lee Zii Jia

Victor Thruster Ryuga

Victor VBS-66

31 lbs

Chen Yu Fei

27 x 29 lbs

Liew Daren

Kumpoo Hexagon-IV

KS-R66 or KS-66S

31 lbs

An Se Young

28 x 29 lbs

Kento Momota

33 x 35 lbs

Heo Kwanghee

30 - 31 lbs

Kunlavut Vitidsarn

32 lbs

Jonatan Christie

LiNing Tectonic 9 (3U)

LiNing No. 1

31 lbs

Lakshya Sen

33 lbs

Akane Yamaguchi

24 x 26 lbs

If you are interested to find out what the men's doubles, mixed doubles and women's doubles players use, check out the links below!

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