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A Good Start to the New Year

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Hi everyone,

2020 has been tough for everyone. PERIOD.

However, it has provided some silver linings to me and my life. So let's start the first proper blog post with some good news!

On the YouTube front:

By the end of 2020, I have uploaded 46 YouTube videos, surprising myself with the number having only started my YouTube journey and taking it seriously since March when the pandemic started.

In January 2021, I have already posted 8 additional videos on YouTube thus far and things are starting to grow. To those who watch and subscribe to my channel, I sincerely thank you for your support as you come along with me on this journey to spread badminton love! I well and truly understand what content creators meant when they say views, like respect, are earned, not given. You cannot force someone to watch your content on a free platform if it is not good enough or up to their liking. A true acid test.

An additional piece of good news popped up when YC Sports reached out for a collab and have sent over lots of goodies for me to show you all.

Yonex Astrox badminton racket; Yonex Nanoflare badminton racket; yonex badminton racket; yonex duora racket
More is always good!

It's really a shame we aren't allowed to play at the moment as there are so many things to test but health comes first for everyone. So I will patiently wait for the courts to reopen and come up with something else in the meantime. Subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don't miss this content. I'm also attaching a few more photos, enjoy.

Yonex Astrox 100ZZ frame
Love the holographic lettering on the Yonex Astrox 100ZZ
Yonex Astrox 100ZZ badminton racket yonex logo
Matt is the future
Yonex Astrox 100ZZ shaft
A very very 'skinny' shaft
Yonex Astrox 99 Demo Coded Badminton Racket
Yonex Astrox 99 Demo Coded Badminton Racket
Yonex Nanoflare 800 badminton racket
I thought Sonic was blue? But this is good too!
Yonex Nanoflare 800 badminton racket frame
It might be Nano but its so smooth!
Yonex Astrox 88S badminton racket
The 'Shorty'
Yonex Astrox 88S badminton racket cone
Nice to see, good to hold; once broken, considered sold!
Yonex Astrox 88D badminton racket
Here to DOMINATE the party!
Yonex Astrox 88D badminton racket
Its all in the head
Yonex Aerus Z, Yonex Aerus X
Yonex Aerus X and Yonex Aerus Z

I am very grateful to YC Sports for this opportunity!

Please do support them and check them out.

Use discount code "CKYEW" for an additional discount!

ie: Free 3 pairs of Yonex socks with Aerus Z or Aerus X purchase. Review video here

7th Feb 2021 UPDATE:

YC Sports are doing a Chinese New Year Red Yonex Sale as you guessed it, Chinese New Year is coming up!

They are also doing a clothing bundle sale along with their Chinese New Year sale as you can see from the image to the right. Super good value and kickstart 2021 with some new badminton gear!

At the time of writing, I have also received an email from about the SECOND GENERATION of Airshuttles and it's on its way to me so we'll be taking a look at them soon! Thank you too!

More good news in badminton terms comes in the form of professional play resuming with the HSBC BWF World Tour Super 1000s being held in Bangkok, Thailand in consecutive weeks starting on the 12th of January 2021 before the season-ending World Tour Finals concludes on 31st of January 2021.

I did a few videos on winner predictions before each of the 3 events and was surprised how many I was able to get right about the eventual winners of the events!

You can check them out here:

We might have badminton overload by the end of the 3 weeks and need some rest away but I'm not complaining in this instance.

Here's to hoping we'll get back on court ourselves soon.

Have a great week!


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